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  • Best track on the album
  • "they don't sleep anymore on the beach" gives goosebumps every time
  • part III is one of the best things that GY!BE have ever done
  • Having listened to this track for over 12 years now it still hits me in a place that nothing else can. It's sublime.
  • words just can't describe...
  • olm çogzel lan, öyle böyle değil.
  • this shit is blowing my damn mind.
  • it's just overwhelming
  • fuck.
  • They don't sleep anymore on the beach.
  • 21:00 21:00 21:00 21:00 21:00
  • Whole world slows down and pays attention at 12 min. Incredible.
  • The best instrumental track ever [3]
  • Heartbreakingly beautiful.
  • <3
  • definitely random old man
  • Does someone know who speaks at the beginning ? Is he just a random old man or is it a recording of someone in particular ?
  • you can hear someone muttering from at 15:00
  • the last 5 minutes are so fucking amazing!!!!
  • This song is the fucking tits.
  • damn how's this even possible??
  • words can't describe...
  • This song is the longest orgasm I've ever had.
  • things changed
  • that last movement <3
  • ecstatic
  • dream time
  • coney alnd
  • 11 mark
  • I freaking love the drum's final part.I just want to grab some drumstick and just... play, enjoy the music. 6minutes of total freedom and peace. [2]
  • top 1 cry sangs.doc
  • "...things changed." A howling wall of perfection.
  • The best instrumental track ever [2]
  • The best instrumental track ever . Puts me in some sort of otherworldy trance every goddamn time.
  • "they don't sleep anymore on the beach".. painfully powerful
  • that fucking groove on the drums half way through Broken Windows, Locks of Love
  • Storm=Static=Sleep=Antennas and shut up [2]
  • the best song of GY!BE, it's fantastic..
  • My god, is beautiful
  • Storm=Static=Sleep=Antennas and shut up
  • I just had a near-life experience listening to the last part of this. Stunning. [2]
  • Sleep>Static>Antennas>Storm> [2]
  • Probably my all-time favorite piece of post-rock / rock in general
  • oh wow, there is some humming during the quiet bits around 15 minutes in. never noticed that before.
  • Listening to this on drugs can be as marvelous as dangerous for the mind
  • does anyone else hear very quiet humming around the 15 minute mark?
  • 18:00~ and onwards just makes me so so happy. Pure joy
  • the most emotional song of all time
  • obra de arte
  • 18:30 and especially 21:00 onwards has had me dancing since I was 18


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