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I Glasvegas sono una band indie, originaria di Glasgow (è plausibile che il loro nome giochi su questa assonanza) e composta da James Allan (voce), Rab Allan (chitarre), Paul Donoghue (basso) e Jonna Löfgren (percussioni). Le loro influenze musicali vanno individuate negli Smiths e nei Jesus & Mary Chain, ma nel loro sound si fanno evidenti anche sonorità tipiche del Brit anni 80/90. A fine 2008 pubblicano il loro primo album (che porta il loro stesso nome), anche se… ulteriori informazioni

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  • унылые очень.
  • feels
  • Euphoria (the song) should be 1st or 2nd, com on!
  • ❤ All I Want Is My Baby.... is that 2 much 2 ask 4??? ❤
  • ´the support band wanted to buy the 200 crowd a beer,... james Allen wanted to stare at us and tell his minions who to eject.... ahahahahaha,,
  • the worst Scottish band I have ever paid money to be beside. it goes beyond the actual performance: the backstage contracters seem to enforce a sense of homage that just doesn't command respect. You have a bulling crowd of little Glasgow back stage idiots running around a concert hall, dictating how the night should be represented. should you whistle or crow would mean 3 Glasgow heavy's kicking you and your girlfriends health to smithereens.. enjoy at your own peril.!!!!
  • Thoroughly enjoying Glasvegas' latest single "I'd Rather Be Dead (Than Be With You)".
  • Live session & interview with Glasvegas:
  • Later...When The TV Turns To Static <3
  • @shedds: because they are veeery famous in sweden and also the drummer jonna is from sweden, guess that's why.

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