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  • i more than love this song. somewhat sadly, i identify with this song :- /
  • Memories
  • One of my all time favourites
  • great song!
  • love love love this song. it reminds me of being 15 and carefree..
  • fantastic
  • great band...i like it
  • This isn't the first time, I found out about you. Great track and amazing band!
  • Amazing group, this was really something, i wish those time come back to shut the fuck the music that is around now
  • This is a great blast in the past
  • amazig, incredible song !!!!!!!!!!1
  • oh the memories of long ago...
  • hate to wrap myself up in cliche but best song ever
  • Agreed! A summer full of memories with this song on the soundtrack.
  • 90s music rules... What a great time to be a young adult. We had a great soundtrack!!!
  • Another wonderful song by the Gin Blossoms.
  • such a great song...and Gin Blossoms are very underrated.
  • What a great song. A very underrated band from the 90's. Saw them this summer and they ROCKED!!
  • what movie was this song in? i just saw the video on vh1 classics and remembered i'd heard this someplace else before.
  • Catchy song
  • What a whore... Giving love for free...
  • Another great 90s group
  • Cool
  • Ah, the memories of middle-school ...
  • The Good old 90's!
  • Cool Song
  • Reminds me of 'My So-Called Life',
  • OMG reminds me of when i was a kid heard these songs on so many car trips
  • another great band, that falls by the wayside.
  • Gin Blossoms are a rarity - loved by masses without the hype. Just classy, colorful & simple rock. Does any recent band close? Maybe Live, albeit heavier? Love these guys...
  • love this song
  • Things you said and did to me seemed to come so easliy.... Found Out About YooOOOuuUUUUU!!!!!!!!!! I love it!
  • fantastic!!!
  • Long, long time ago...
  • I saw these guys in Tempe, AZ when they first started. Great band..... I write your name, drive past your house, Your boyfriend's over, I watch your light go out.... Kills me every time!
  • Almost too poppy but ultimately very catchy.
  • great
  • <3
  • Hometown heroes!
  • Reminds me of being 13-ish
  • Nice song
  • Memories... so many memories. Great to hear it again!
  • Yessssss great tune.
  • I love this one.
  • Love this song
  • Wow, just wow.


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