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  • Hoy Martes a las 8:00 de la noche EN CONCIERTO presenta a Gerry Rafferty por €URO 80's RADIO en la Edición No. 38 Horario de Europa 'Miércoloes' [Alemania 4:00am] [Inglaterra 3:00am]
  • mulher pepita
  • total boss. production on his first two albums is so good dude
  • Rick and Morty or die! ^^
  • Winding your way down on Baker Street, Light in your head and dead on your feet
  • Great sound,don't get tired of this song.
  • Sleepwalking is one of my all time favorites.
  • Insanely under rated.
  • Genius his music...
  • Baker Street :)
  • Spotify playlist: [url=]Classic Rock[/url]
  • I loooove Gerry Rafferty <3
  • okay so city to city and Night Owl brilliant albums.
  • What a loss when Gerry died. I still love and listen to his work. Bummer...
  • Gerry <3
  • RIP Gerry [8]
  • RIP Gerry [7] Legend <3
  • RIP Gerry [6] Man stays an artist...
  • RIP Gerry [5]
  • RIP Gerry [4]
  • It's really uplifting to hear his voice when You feel bad
  • today i finally found the song Baker Street. it's great
  • Artistic beauty lives on in every heart it touches. We will miss you, but you live on through all of us. <3
  • i discovered gerry rafferty just this year 2011 and he captured my heart. although i listened to some of his hits like baker street and right down the line that are super. he is more than those "hits". rest in peace gerry, but most of all, your spirit of excelent music lives in our hearts!!!
  • Wenn Vergleiche hinken - dieser (Stewart ähnlich Rafferty) bestimmt
  • RIP Gerry [3]
  • RIP Gerry [2]
  • RIP Gerry
  • amidst the punk explosion he fired out some great tunes.thanks for being part of my musical upbringing!
  • legends never die!
  • Shit. I just learned about it on this page !! RIP Gerry.
  • I just learned of Gerry's passing. Music has once again lost one of its gems. His music touched us with some wondering songs that became not only a part of our lives but a whole generation. R.I.P. gifted friend.
  • rest in peace
  • Thanks
  • R.I.P. I'll never forget you and your songs.
  • Rest in peace, Gerry.
  • My first car cost me 600$. A 1966 VW Beetle rust-bucket that couldn't climb steep hills but ran like blazes with a good tail wind. I was 19 and I loved that car. Of course, back then, no first car owning experience could be complete without... the tape player. So I got one, hooking up mini speakers to player to fuse box, wires dangling everywhere. And then I would drive, playing my tapes in rotation, loud, because louder is _always_ better when you're 19. The back seat collection grew weekly, until the day I bought Gerry's latest, a mix that felt so perfect, and so matched my feelings as I drove the hills east of Montreal in the autumn, or as I headed north to join friends for a day of skiing in the winter, that I never bought another tape again. I had found _it_. To this day, Snakes and Ladders remains my favorite album of all times. So, thanks man, and much respect. If you stumble upon an old tape player with your songs in it, know that it meant a lot to someone back in 1980.
  • R.I.P.
  • Right Down The Line is one of the best songs I've heard
  • Thanks for the music. Through it you'll live on, Gerry.
  • loved him.
  • RIP Gerry
  • So sorry to hear about Gerry's passing. If you only know his post Baker Street output, please listen to his greatest material which is from 1969-75 with the Humblebums, 1st solo and Stealer's Wheel. The man was a genius of baroque/folk pop and deserves to be recognised as such by his wider fanbase.
  • RIP Gerry Rafferty...Baker Street Forever!!!
  • RIP Gerry
  • RIP Gerry... :(
  • RIP
  • RIP Gerry, thanks for the music.


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