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George Strait

Murder On Music Row (4:46)

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Nobody saw him running from sixteenth avenue
They never found the fingerprint or the weapon that was used
But someone killed country music, cut out its heart and soul
They got away with murder down on music row

Testo di George Strait - Murder On Music Row


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  • Damn right, although Strait and Jackson also did their share of pop and rock influenced country songs...
  • Hi, thank you for the Ingetraud song :-) Detti
  • heres a true country music singer king george is the best
  • George an Allen told it like it was!! The death of country music!!!!!!!!!!
  • This song is so true of a lot of the country music today. It is such a shame. Thank goodness for classic country music. True country at it's best.
  • Oh ya, I like this one, pass me a beer, thanks Marcy.
  • Wonderful Song ! So True ! Love it !
  • cmp324, I couldn't agree with you more. I'm a relatively new fan of country music, although I grew up hearing it. Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, Hank Williams- that was my Mom-Mom's music. I didn't truly begin to appreciate it until a few years ago. Now I can't get enough of it. But the radio stations, in my opinion they don't play anything halfway decent, whether it's rock or country. The country stations don't play anything but pop music with a twang. The few times I've heard the real stuff has been late at night, when they figure no one's listening, I guess.
  • Just to add to my post below, I like alot of types of music as long as it is true musical and vocal talent whether it be country, bluegrass, or rock, but when I listen to country I want to here country, REAL COUNTRY. That's what I grew up on, that's who I am.
  • I agree, it is a great song. As the song says, "the almighty dollar" has killed REAL country music. It's hard to tell the difference between country, pop and rock on the radio today. So tell me why George Strait, Alan Jackson, Brad Paisley and a few others are consistently on top and are always selling albums with decades spanning careers when others are here for a while then gone. Because we want real country, not the pop country that radio focuses on so much today. Thanks for letting me get just a little of my frustrations off my chest. Have a great day.

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