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Untouchable (4:03)

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  • It doesn't matter 'bout the car I drive or the ice around my neck. All that matters is that you recognize that it's just about respect. It doesn't matter about the clothes I wear and where I go and why. All that matters is that you get hyped and we'll do it to you every time, come on now.
  • From a critical point of view it's bad. But I love it. <3
  • Not terrible and it fits (coalescing nicely with Shut Your Mouth and Androgyny). That being said, if there's one song that Beautifulgarbage could do without quality-wise...
  • nice song!
  • I really like this song. " you say it to my face and be man about it"
  • I never got how this and "Can't Cry These Tears" were supposed to be the objectionable tracks on beautifulgarbage.
  • I'm the oddball darkling who likes this song. ;P
  • Pure POP,but good!)
  • I kind of feel like an odd one out here. I just feel it didn't belong in its time. I might be making an assumption, but a song like this doesn't mesh with the sound of previous albums that people fell in love with. What I remind myself is - when I hear songs that I never expected a group or artist to make - they needed to express a different side, which is healthy. I enjoy this side of Garbage too.
  • Maybe the only Garbage song I really can't like... [2]
  • Not nearly my favorite song of theirs, but I still kinda like it.
  • least favorite on beautifulgarbage, but still better than alot of pop out there...
  • Some of you people cry "Madonna" like that's a bad thing ;) [2] Srsly!
  • I always believe that she sing this song for one of the gallaghers. hehe
  • This song is great! If Shirley were a character on Glee she would probably tussle with Santana and they'd break into song and this would be what they sang.
  • Don't like this one.
  • Maybe the only Garbage song I really can't like...
  • Some of you people cry "Madonna" like that's a bad thing ;)
  • Wow, this tune is lame.
  • The first part is really, REALLY good, but then it just goes.. wrong. "You got a problem with me? Don't go behind my back, just like a baby" That "baby" part sinks the entire song for me.
  • I always thought that this was one of the better tunes on this disc. It looks like not many people agree.
  • I like this song too. :)
  • i like it. maybe it's not the best garbage, but it's still a cool catchy song.
  • Again one of those songs that is really horrible, but still likeable, in a wierd odd way. Kinda like those women who you just can't decide if they look like crap or are stunning beauties.
  • I like this song.
  • this is absolutely Garbage's worst song. It's just SO bad... Couldn't be worse, really, it's not hard for me to picture Madonna singing this, at all
  • You're all trippin! This song is great fun!
  • This song seems very No Doubt flavored to me, but still Garbage sounding.
  • humm, don't mind it.
  • you're bound to lose the game, there's no one else to blame
  • I kinda hate. It just sounds really silly. Just change the nbacking beats to something deeper maybe would saved it.
  • Daddy likey!
  • I always thought Driving Lesson was one of their weaker b-sides.Nothing tops Girl Don't Come or Afterglow.
  • i liked driving lesson :(
  • Probably the stupidest song Garbage has done since Driving Lesson. I've heard a lot about how it's intentionally mocking to the bubblegum pop, but I don't remember N'Sync or Britney Spears sounding liking this; I also haven't seen an official quote that actually stands by this.
  • I love how this is a subtle mocking nod to the teen-pop beats of the day.

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