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  • new album kicks major ass!
  • New album is great!
  • Tuck your T-shirt in !!!
  • Yeah, another great album by these guys!
  • new album is good
  • New song is killer!
  • Sign if you want the old back
  • Check out ThrashGangsters new video clip "Terror Has Begun"
  • citizen brain <3
  • I've failed to like them. It's something about the vocals. Will give 'em another try eventually.
  • Sheeeeiiiit I just realized I havent been listening to these dudes for like 2 years. Such awesome band.
  • very good em ingles
  • why did I check upon them so late... that's a gooood piece of music!
  • Making Ireland proud! \\M/
  • fucking thrash metal 00's
  • Band Fucking Awesom!
  • I totally love them!
  • lmao "poser thrash". Just because a band has fun they are posers? [2]
  • These guys are why I fucking love Thrash Metal
  • Survival of the Fastest and Citizen Brain are definitely the strongest albums by these guys.
  • lmao "poser thrash". Just because a band has fun they are posers?
  • Backwards Bible is just hilarious
  • a band can be poseurs and still make awesome music. It happens all the time.
  • good
  • 'The Terror Tapes' album review:
  • lol "poser thrash". god i'm glad i don't take myself so seriously.
  • You can't be trvveee if you don't take yourselves too seriously
  • clearly not wearing enough leather, spikes, and bullet belts. definitely poser thrash
  • call them what you like, at least the band don't have massive fuckin' noses. Also Philly sounds different because he had throat surgery a while ago.
  • Seeing videos of Philly singing recently is kind of sad. Hopefully still enjoyable though..
  • what happen to the vocal? not as powerful as the older album....
  • New album is on par.
  • They're so much better than those Municipal Waste fuckers.
  • Insanely good thrash metal!
  • The vocals suck on the new album. Sounds like he has lost some range.
  • fucking amazing
  • I'd love to see a tour with Warbringer and Vektor
  • new album is a bomb!!!!!!
  • Hail metalheads! I want to introduce you my band called Eternal Fever. We're from Poland and we playe thrash metal. Listen, like us and subscribe, if you like fast and fast lound & rude music you'll like it!
  • I just can't stop headbanging. New album is powerful as fuck, love it!
  • The new album is a total slammer. Love it.
  • New album is fucking awesome!
  • It's a shame that this new album is not that good as previous ones, but it's still good
  • About to start listening to The Terror Tapes. CAN'T FUCKING WAIT
  • German old school (1988) speed/thrash metal band: - S.D.I. - MEGAMOSH mosh mosh mosh mosh listen:
  • |we respect you| god! (∪^ω^)


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