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No Surprise (4:11)

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  • no satellite could map our veins
  • critique and salve me baby
  • Experience the power of the MXR Distortion +.
  • fresh
  • Original!
  • FUCK YEA.... Such great memories of D.C.
  • very dynamic, for sure
  • was ist so unglaublich an dem militärischen slang?
  • Ich glaub ja nicht, dass sich die Band nach einem militärischen Slang benannt hat … gibt es keine andere Erklärung?
  • this is so great
  • beyond description
  • AmAziNg SHIT.
  • Was introduced to these guys several years ago in Lubbock TX. Awsome.
  • sounds so real and direct, not produced like this retro-bands of today...
  • it starts like a song by skunk anancie!!!!
  • XXX hanx ian ? jeff 4 openin dischord, the best d.c. ever discharged
  • awesome !
  • Funky Fugazi!
  • how is it that when i put punk into last fm i get fuckin blink and green day but no fugazi or minor threat can this be explained or is it a conspiracy against real punk rock?haha
  • hot damn, good stuff!
  • it's a great band...
  • One of the best....
  • Wow! Never heard this before. It's great.
  • I am IN LOVE with every little part of this song. From the screaming at the beginning, to the very end. My current favorite.
  • brilliant
  • Yes!
  • freaking love this song
  • My 30000th track :)
  • Such a great song.
  • This band is brilliant.
  • No Dancing NOW!
  • Fugazi is fucking great!
  • For those of you that have not been able to see them live on stage, I feel greatly sorry for you. Fugazi has no lies, what they record is how they sound. I have seen them quite a few times in Pittsburgh, and I was amazed how great they were live. I wish they would play in Pittsburgh again.
  • excelente
  • Wish I'd seen them 13 times. I'd love them to reform and curate an ATP...
  • good sound great
  • Best band evah, seen them 13 times, DC represent!
  • Luscious latter half. (sighs with contentedness)
  • I did get to see them live once, and it was utterly amazing. No frills, just the band playing. Their stage presence and the music set the energy. Big bag of awesome.
  • rad.
  • Nu gugg. Fuggazi.
  • Oh Fugazi...It's no surprise that I'm enjoying this so much.
  • great record
  • enjoyable
  • ah, love.
  • One of the best bands to ever exist.
  • one of my favorites.
  • WHY was i not yet born when they were still a band?
  • fugazi


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