• Reflection on Recent Top 10

    Mag 12 2006, 20:51 di Flah

    Note: I was really tired when I wrote this. Apologies if it reads like crap.

    1 John Coltrane 70
    It was a weird and the top ten reflects that. I decided that I needed to retag my mp3s and move them around a bit (I have them split over two drives) and for a time I only had my jazz stuff to keep me company. That aside, I finally met people that didn't like Coltrane and it was so weird because I just couldn't understand them. To top things off, they were christian so we were pretty much at odds with each other throughout the entire night. I'd think christians could at least relate to Coltrane's passion and spirituality (the whole trying to find God in the upper registers of the sax thing), but I guess not. To further complicate things, they were really into swing. Ugh. Like I usually say, I don't care what other folks listen to, but they sure can confuse the hell out of me. Finally, I've grown to like Kula Se Mama to an unhealthy degree. The title track is money. One of the few instances of me digging vocals in jazz.