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  • That voice... I love "The Water is Wide."
  • Великолепный голос, прекрасные аранжировки, неповторимые тексты.
  • !
  • less than 500,000 scrobbles... unbelievable
  • When I heard The Dolphins in the Sopranos, Instantly in love
  • surprising how few listeners he has here on
  • fred would agree with sea shepherd and would try to help to save the dolphins in japan. check this out, please!
  • "Midnight Cowboy" brought me to this wonderful man's music. Moody, bluesy, dark... beautiful.
  • Just discovered this guy, what great musician! And too few listeners!
  • Some trivia to demonstrate how influencial Fred Neil was in the very early 60's: on one track, he had yet-to-be-known artists Frank Zappa and Al Wilson (Canned Heat) play backup for Fred. Unfortunately, too many people confuse his songs with others who have copied him. Everybody's talkin' is Not a Harry Nillson song neither is The Dolphins anyone elses than Fred's Extremely prolific guitarist, much like Paul Simon, another underrated musician in my mind
  • so underrated
  • What a great artist. Maybe my favourite singersongwriter with Jansch and Drake (in an other way :) )
  • @lutfish: But he's better (=more soulful) than Tim. True story :-)
  • dat voice
  • he's just has the spirit of the 50's. that's why. nobody cares about the 50's, hahah
  • So much underrated :(
  • very under-appreciated artist. He's not even well known for giving Bob Dylan his first show. His music has no chance
  • Sounds like a baritone version of Tim Buckley. Good stuff!
  • Check out the first ever footage of Fred Neil on
  • Would have loved to hear him work and duet with Merle Haggard. That would have been something
  • There's another side to this life
  • Fred Neil was a man like any other.
  • Fred Neil - Faretheewell
  • Harry Nilsson's version is like a caricature to the original.
  • Oh yeah you're right! I had it all wrong... Why the hell is everybody raving about Nilsson then?!
  • It wasn't when Neil wrote it :-)
  • Everybody's talkin is a Harry Nilsson song tough, but Neil is great.
  • Everybody's Talkin' is a revelation. criminally underrated. [2]
  • Everybody's Talkin' is a revelation. criminally underrated.
  • wow - what a great artist
  • join:
  • I've found something new, Fred Neil is superb!!
  • how come i never heard of this guy before? genius!
  • new website:
  • bacana esse cara aí.
  • I love his dark sense of humour . Brilliant artist
  • sounds pretty much like tim buckley. thank you, didn"t know him before, surley underrated.
  • This is one of my favourite chill out songs ever, pure quality!
  • Perhaps the most undervalued musician on the planet
  • this is a great folk singer,too bad not be much popular.Everybody's Talkin' e Sweet cocaine my favorites.
  • it's never too late to get into fred neil. here he is. enjoy !!
  • A stunning rich Baratone!
  • This man's influence is truly understated.
  • I can't get over how little this guy's been played amongst's users; he's a really great musician.
  • massively, massively under-rated. one of the lost greats of rock n roll.
  • groovy
  • His voice in I've got a secret is incredible.Great artist
  • What a GREAT voice (and btw: great picture!!)
  • brilliant

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