• A State Of Trance episode 261

    Ago 12 2006, 13:27 di Cement

    Episode 260 of A State Of Trance by Armin van Buuren was really interesting, I recommend it to everyone. Armin presented some new, quite fresh releases which surely will became popular on dancefloors all around the world in nearest future.

    1. 3 Colours - Morning Dust (Alexander Kostruba remix)
    Track in style which I just love, beat, but also some delicius electronic, it seems for me to be a bit simillar to First State.

    2. Sunlounger - Aguas Blancas (Original Mix)
    Tune choosed by listeners of ASOT as a best tune of last week show. Chilling, calm tune, such ones are necessary in every liveset. Together with 3 Colours it’s building atmosphere in great way.

    3. Eric Prydz vs Pink Floyd - Proper Edication
    I don't like remixes of songs from other styles, tracks like this one make me sick. CRAP !!!

    4. Perry O'Neil - South-West Saga (Original Mix}
    Well known producer presents us another brilliant, delicious track, I think as good as last year's "Numb".

    5. breakfest - River of Light, Eternity and Beyond