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  • Bolet bolado nos Anées de Pèlerinage =O
  • solid
  • @ Anaal Forsage: Lizst wasn't a Classical composer he composed during the Romantic era
  • Was he a vampire?
  • Cool Music
  • Brilliant! <3
  • Probably my favorite classical composer after Wagner
  • Great virtuoso! He opened new opportunities of piano playing
  • Tuan Liszt <3
  • Awesome..
  • the Sonata in B Minor is brutal
  • Eh, color me indifferent. From a music history standpoint, I respect him, but I don't really like his music.
  • so relaxing and cool your nerves and ymakes you as a flying bird in the sky
  • The more I listen to Liszt, the more I like him.
  • Awesome!
  • Happy birthday bb
  • Maestría!!!
  • Magnifico.
  • Jest Liszt, jest Impreza :)
  • >> One of the best performer of Liszt compositions... [url=]Hungarian Rhapsody No. 6[/url] (<<YouTube video) performanced by ✟ [artist]Georges Cziffra[/artist] ✟
  • Thanks to Tsukuru Tazaki, Lazar Berman's Annees de pelerinage are selling again. Such a great set.
  • "People who claim Liszt had no artistic vision or emotion in his work simply don't listen carefully enough." People who claim that disqualify themselves from serious discussions about his music. Some of his piano work is just magic (hungarian rhapsody no 3, trancendental etude no 10), his artistic intentions are all over the place.
  • Murakami sent me here
  • Featured on SaltyKnuckles ~ Classics №XXXVIII -
  • Amazing!!!!!
  • Lisztomania
  • Shit vad jag är dålig i magen
  • great
  • liebestraum makes me dream bout love<3
  • великий романтик, а в конце жизни еще и с атонализмом экспериментировал
  • Anyone that for even a moment thinks Liszt had not artistic vision or emotion has obviously not listened to Faust. It's darker, and hits a deeper emotional chord in me than ANY piece of metal music ever has.
  • I swear... People who claim Liszt had no artistic vision or emotion in his work simply don't listen carefully enough. I keep finding myself absolutely dumbstruck over his compositions... Even thinking of listening to some of his pieces makes me feel like fainting, no kidding. Lisztomania's not dead.
  • To all lovers of the good music, take a look on this She Lisztified Pink Floyd and other songs.
  • ill never know how to tag this properly
  • muitobomzera
  • come to brazil
  • Yes, let's SHOUT for this gran music. Thank you.
  • I love F.Liszt and I love the performance of the concert pianist Jean-Marc SAVELLI Liebestraume (rêve d'Amour/Love dream), les "funérailles", or Rhapsody hongroise n°2 Fabulous
  • Dante and Faust symphonies.<3 [2] oh yes, especially the Faust symphony ♥
  • Dante and Faust symphonies.<3
  • Liebestraum <3
  • "What a pitty! His profile at doesn't show if Liszt would be on "tour"... =-|" +1 #sad
  • Waaay too much talent, not enough artistic vision.
  • Love <3
  • La Campanella is one of the most extraordinary classical pieces I've ever heard. Franz Liszt is magical to the ears.
  • What a pitty! His profile at doesn't show if Liszt would be on "tour"... =-|
  • Have loved this tune since I was a little boy.
  • Lmao this guy is hilarious, trying really hard to come across as poetical while projecting his wannabe-intellectualism onto others and thus in turn making fun of himself. Definitely one of the more original trolls on this site. Also funny profile, I especially like the inclusion of Bruce Faulconer in his composer top 10.
  • ooo another meme from a modernist science-sage? t’was a daoist blow, lolcat. but just for the giggles rufus, please, do enlighten us on the esoteric teachings of 2001: A Space Odyssey, sir connoisseur of high cinema? perhaps as a symphonic adagio, you can then bestow (through freudian gestures of penile imagery using your index fingers) what transcendental qualities lie in beethoven's 9th, all the while lapping yourself up vigorously in a miasma of your own flesh-liquids, of course secured impenetrably by the “wisdom” of your technologically self-evident “truths.” just careful not to get it all over your iron maiden bar stool there, my precious wittle bleep blop. such a vintage item can be exchanged for further goods and services.


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