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  • Ulysses <3
  • Franz o/
  • you don't wanna know how how i get by alone.
  • I want to see live them so much!
  • I'm listening the "new" album and I'm starting to like it! Especially the synth-indie (honestly, I don't know the genre;) songs - Can't Stop Feeling and second part od Lucid Dreams. This tunes are so hypnotic... :)
  • I need more of this band in my life, mmhmmm
  • Auf Achse <3
  • I like this music but wtf is indie? in die? Lucid Dreams great experimentation, I like it so much
  • Мистеры любимки....cant stop feeling не покидает мою голову
  • фап фап
  • Take Me Out <3
  • Love at first sight! No you will never know how you make one feel!
  • One of my "must-see-live" day FF!! [2]
  • like their music crazy
  • Who knows where Belarus is, write me=)
  • <3
  • E hoje eu fiquei lembrando do show deles aqui. Que saudades, cara *0*
  • they are amazinggg performers :D I saw them here in Peru
  • i dont need u
  • bi daha gelin istanbul'a franzoğulları.
  • One of my "must-see-live" day FF!!
  • My ears tremble in pure awe, whenever I hear "Send Him Away". I feel it's amazingly underappreciated, and deserves some love- not to mention the song is both brilliant and viceral!
  • Can't stop feeling ♥
  • There's a porpoise close behind us, And he's treading on my tail.
  • Ich heisse superfantastisch! [2] und trinke champus mit lachsfisch :D
  • love love love :P
  • great band ! ^^
  • Please vote for Belarusian indie band Akute!!!! All that you must to do is just choose the band Akute and cklick "Ответить"
  • i say...TAKE ME OUT
  • the lobster quadrille, take me out, no you girls & do you want to are so <3
  • I wrote your name upon the back of my hand, slept upon it, then I woke up, with it backwards on my face ♥
  • on the fence about these
  • I'm your villain!!!!
  • I swapped my innocent for pride, crushed the end within my stride
  • they are A-W-E-S-O-M-E [3]
  • i cant stop feeling for franz ferdinand specially in live
  • vote for live pic!
  • can't wait for the new sounds + new album :)
  • no you girls <33
  • they are A-W-E-S-O-M-E [2} so awesome
  • This band ROCKS!
  • they are A-W-E-S-O-M-E
  • <3
  • I can's stop feeling no I can't stop listening =D
  • i just NEED new music from them ^_^
  • can not stop listening o_o
  • I went to their concert in words. Great band, one of my favourites.
  • i want to see them live agaaaaaaain
  • I cant believe that I havent added this band yet


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