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Originario di San Diego ma spesso residente a Berlino, il carismatico ed eclettico Frank "the Baptist" (vero nome Frank Vollmann) è uno dei più interessanti e capaci paladini della rinascita contemporanea del deathrock o gothic rock che dir si voglia.
Frank suona spesso in location europee e nordamericane con la sua band "Frank the Baptist", ma anche da solista (come Frank Vollmann) o nel progetto "The Dirty Weather" con Lucas Lanthier, virtuoso cantante dei Cinema Strange.
Frank ha un contratto con l'etichetta Strobelight records.

In mancanza di una "biografia ufficiale" è però interessante proporre due brani tratti dalla pagina del progetto "Dirty Weather" e dalla pagina personale di Frank Vollmann.

"If, in the midst of your hectic, modern workweek, you have ever stopped to wonder what became of those dashing and slightly overdressed privateers of old, with their licensed piracy and their anachronistic but endearingly eccentric jewel-encrusted goblets, then YOU are in for a treat.
Frank Vollmann (Frank the Baptist) and Lucas Lanthier (Cinema Strange, the Deadfly Ensemble) have arrayed their compasses, sextants and GPS devices and set sail for lands unknown. The “Dirty Weather Project” brings these two swashbuckling brigands to the stage for a four-fisted performance; swapping songs, telling tales, and nearly spraining their ill-trained ankles during mostly futile jig-dancing attempts. Guitars, rum-stained knickers, Jolly Roger flags, and a thirst for the sea-tossed horizon prevail! Lanthier plays C.S. and Deadfly favorites, Frank plays Frank the Baptist classics, and together they lovingly render timeless shanties into shreds. Join Lucas and Frank for a pleasantly ribald, beautifully bawdy, and unusually arranged musical performance…"

"I am a man of bad decisions who will sew your gown of disappointment. We'll laugh about it someday when it's too late. I have been called "Telegram Frank", "Frank The Baptist" (no, I'm not) and a few other choice words. I am the singer/songwriter/founder of a long running band called Frank The Baptist and a band called Candlestick Maker from long ago as well as currently being involved in the Dirty Weather Project with Lucas Lantheir of Cinema Strange, Deadfly Ensemble, Shanghai Trio etc etc. This is my solo sort of acoustic project (I mean career that will make me millions). Cheers, Telegram Frank"


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