• New Year's Eve Recap

    Gen 2 2007, 1:38 di desertfenix

    I started drinking at 8 PM and didn't stop until 3 AM. Before more people arrived I served as bar wench, turntable bitch, and scorekeeper. The boys and Lynn played Beer Shuffle. I kept score. Though out the evening I consumed a bottle of Midori and had two huge cups of champagne.

    But the best part of the evening was the music. The first part of the evening consisted of Bossa Nova and early 60s Rock. My favorite was Mr. Lucky Goes Latin. That has to be my favorite Mancini album.

    At midnight our friends Andy and Bolin of Something Vague played a riveting set that we all danced to. Afterwards, Andy stepped in and played The Presets that had everyone going crazy and even crazier when !!! was blaring through out the house. Of course winding down we switched the music over to Bob Dylan and Frank Sinatra and Count Basie. Fun was had and laughs were shared. This new year will be great for us all.