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Francisco Tárrega Eixea (Villarreal, 21 novembre 1852 – Barcellona, 15 dicembre 1909) è stato un chitarrista, compositore e pianista spagnolo di musica classica.

Cominciò a studiare pianoforte e composizione al conservatorio di Madrid nel 1874 e molto probabilmente imparò a suonare la chitarra da autodidatta. Questo fondere lo studio della composizione e del pianoforte alternato all'attività concertistica (interrotta nel 1906…

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  • uma magico
  • The master
  • Nice melodies on 'Capricho arabe'.
  • A guitar chopin [2]
  • Just to be clear, I do think the melody is nice. But this is where you nailed it: "One must transcend the techniques of a song to really hear it as it is." It's incredibly difficult (for a musician, at least) to do this with any piece that focuses on a single playing technique as strongly as Recuerdos. Or then again, it may just be me.
  • That's because you probably can't hear the beautiful and profound melody - is in the tremolo, btw - in the song. And, no it is not a tremolo exercise, for Tárrega did not write it to be so, but is a complete piece of music, inspired on Washington Irwin's "Tales of the Alhambra". The song is full of meaning and emotion, therefore, a beautiful work of art. One must transcend the techniques of a song to really hear it as it is.
  • I must be the only person on earth who doesn't particularly like Recuerdos de la Alhambra. I've always had serious trouble in seeing it as anything more than what it actually is - an overlong tremolo exercise. Tárrega's many miniatures (Pavana, Lagrima, Adelita, Prelude in E, Mazurka in G etc.) are far more captivating to listen to AND interesting to play.
  • El Grande entre Los Grandes.

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