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I Fozzy, sono un gruppo canadese nato nel 1999 che ha saputo ben amalgamare le classiche sonorità Heavy Metal con quelle Hard rock e Nu metal. La band ha avuto un buon successo negli USA ed in Inghilterra soprattutto grazie al loro frontman e cantante, Chris Jericho. Jericho (vero nome Chris Irvine) è infatti una vera star nei paesi anglofoni: wrestler di successo in ogni angolo del mondo e showman affermato, Jericho si è imbarcato nella difficoltosa impresa di far… ulteriori informazioni

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  • Avatar di Zach216
    I don't think you can really talk shit about songs like "To Kill a Stranger", "Crucify Yourself", "Happenstance" or "With the Fire" (the 4 original songs on that "Happenstance" record)... "End of Days" is amazing, too. I thought "All That Remains" was a really good record & everything since then has been super bad...
  • Avatar di Chaosweaver666
    lol @tallicguy ... its a decent band u bitch
  • Avatar di DavidKazarean
    RAW is Jericho!
  • Avatar di Extreme_Killer
    •?((¯°·._.• нαтєяѕ ℓσνє тнєм •._.·°¯))؟•
  • Avatar di TallicLizzy
    Terrible band.
  • Avatar di sepruecom
    biggest a..hole(s) I've ever seen on stage. I've seen them live in Melbourne/Australia. I`ve rarely seen a crowd this active then there, but he did not give an extra song. The only 'mistake' of the crowd was not shouting "one more song" (because aussies just don't do that). I'm sorry, fozzy, that was sure not your brightest moment on stage... (And yes, they have been the head show of that evening, and they seem to have quite a strong base in melb. That makes it a lot more un-understandable why they did not give an encore...)
  • Avatar di MelancholyRage
    New album.... Unimpressive.
  • Avatar di Zach216
    Whatever... I'm writing a BOOK about my DECADE of traveling, concert & touring experiences. (My time around these guys will be one chapter in it) What do you do, exactly? What do you need to meet your "credibility credentials"?
  • Avatar di Amontherion
    how can the worst song on the album be the most heard? :( The song is not really bad but sure the worst on a pretty good album.
  • Avatar di brownieboy
    i love double double e

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