• Late Night Ukulele Wanderings

    Ago 17 2008, 22:21 di thisisall1word

    Mildew3000 and her fella surpassed themselves at the weekend by getting me an ukulele for my Birthday. A small corner of The Salisbury in Winchmore Hill were 'treated' to a small amount of 'Rose of Alabama'.
    Later that night after many many ciders a small area of Enfield was serenaded along Silver street and down to the night bus stop below the kebab house.

    Ukulele's are by no means easy to play even if you have a bit of guitar know how. Its strange having a high note string where you think an octave lower string should be. But they are good and mobile. I will practise hard.

    The best song to learn is Tonight You Belong To Me which is in the wonderfully funny film The Jerk.

    The original was recorded way back in 1927 and there's lots of cover versions out there most recently by The Bird and the Bee Tonight You Belong to Me.

    If you go and buy the 26th anniversary addition of The Jerk then you even get lessons on how to play it, instructions courtesy of a hot tiki girl.