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  • I hope their next record has more operatic vocals. Those operatic vocals are absolutely incredible!
  • If you're longing for more symphonic death metal, you have to check out the new Lost Soul, it's ridiculously awesome:
  • New albums are overloaded with choirs and keyboard layers. It sounds like a big pile of mud. Songs are good, but with the production, it's hard to listen to IMO.
  • Pretty mind blowing how adding more symphonic touches to their music alienated their entire fanbase, especially when, Metalwise, they are still the same band they've always been. Oracles and Mafia are definitely the superior albums, but Agony and Labyrinth don't deserve the harsh criticism they get. Matter of fact, both are great albums.
  • I love Agony and Labyrinth. Killer records!
  • i miss the old logo
  • Epilogue!
  • pozdrowienia ze Śląska dla fanów Fleshgod Apocalypse
  • i miss the Oracles sound [3]
  • i miss the Oracles sound [2] and Mafia tbh.
  • nice
  • gay...
  • The new sound is much better. Their music perfectly evolved. They are truly death metal gods.
  • i miss the Oracles sound
  • Mafioso death metal!
  • @metaloly999; Gay.
  • Justin Bieber is better than this band.
  • Behemoth is way better, these guys really let me down with their latest album
  • Behemoth better this band? Please go and fuck yourself Behemoth.
  • Behemoth sucs so much that this band!
  • Booooooorrring. [2] Behemoth are so much better than this garbage.
  • "Classical symphonic melodic technical brutal death metal" cool
  • Italian Gods!
  • Fleshgod Apocalypse is an unbelievably killer band!
  • @WarlordThorvald as if something bad.
  • Отличное рубево. Мужская музыка. Хотя я по такому как-то не фанатею.
  • Lol @ the tags
  • Agony still being better than Labyrinth.
  • боже это гении сука метала!
  • It was AMAZING show in Cracow.
  • Awesome show in Wrocław!
  • Fuck me I almost forget how they're good, but of course pls new albummmm
  • saya suka ketika mereka konser. outfit-nya yang paling saya suka. Mafia sih yang paling saya suka
  • …I hate metal, but this is awesome.
  • Ultra killer band!
  • Those drums...
  • Booooooorrring.
  • For Fleshgod Apocalypse fans! Check out Scorched By The Flaming Goat. Death Metal From Santiago de Chile. And our new single.
  • I'd fuck the new FA.
  • fuck new FA
  • what?
  • Italian gods. [2] With love from Russia!
  • Romani Deos
  • Italian gods. [5]
  • Very good!
  • Seeing these guys tonight and cannot wait!
  • "If you like Mafia or Oracles listen to Hour of Penance, but if you like agony and labyrinth continue with FA." Option 3: Listen to both since they're both awesome. [2]
  • So overproduced, but awesome
  • Jakarta can't wait
  • Does anybody have the picture of the guitarist headbanging with an orange-ish background? I'm searchin for this pic, but it's nowhere to be found.


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