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Keep on Movin' (3:17)

pop · 90s · dance · boybands · british

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  • This song just has guilty pleasure written all over it. But it's so catchy and happy and nostalgic, I can't deny it: I actually am pretty fond of this tune.
  • Cool....
  • SOOOOOOOOOOO Glad They're Back! This Is Such A Tune *X*
  • loved it then an still do :) x
  • I want a Glee Cast cover.
  • so makes me want to dance!!
  • Klute classic.
  • Deffo a real feelgood choon
  • I love how it reminds so many people of the 90's, considering it came out in 1999 xD But yeah Five's biggest hit and so catchy ♥
  • memories right here
  • Fuck you, JLS. This is what a boyband should be like.
  • This song make me happy. Love 90's 4ever
  • I totally loved this song in the 90's. It brings a lot of memories. Love it! Their best song!
  • My favourite band when i was little =)
  • Thanks for cheering me up with this song, guys ^____^ Hope better things are coming my way! Yay!
  • remembers only with you
  • High sein,frei sein,überall dabei sein !! Klasse !!
  • I loved them when i was younger, I believe i still have their Disney concert on tape.
  • Schönes Ding zum Tanzen.... mit dem und dem...
  • This song reminds me of the 90's so much xD good times
  • Happy song for crappy days ^^
  • Five. My favourite boyband in those sweet (embarrassing) days of the 90's.. even my mum kind of liked this song. And she pretty much hates everything apart from The Beatles :)
  • You just can't help but be in a great mood listening to this.
  • i miss the good ol days glad to find a tation like this
  • Feel good pop...Man I miss the '90s
  • I need cheering up right now. This song is perfect <3
  • What's with the football commentary?!
  • I love this song! I miss Five!
  • gud
  • relaxing!
  • love this song
  • "When the rainy days are dying, gotta keep on keep on trying, all the bee and birds are flying ,ahhhhh" such deep lyrics haha love 5ive
  • a classic!! :) :)
  • wetin una dey talk..... dis song na kpaco
  • i love this song
  • wow~~~ I love this music...
  • LOVE.
  • huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • que buena rola, es. el rtimo esta genial.
  • aww todavia me acuerdo da esa cancion xD
  • m gustaba muxo el video d esta cancion...lindos recuerdos
  • i love this, its such a happy song
  • nice song
  • this song fits my mood this morning. weird.
  • does make me keep on movin' :))
  • güzel şarkıııı
  • yeah! cool song !! five ... the best !
  • finally no insults! yay!
  • its a good song but can get annoying after a while
  • good old song


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