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Omnislash (Hurry Up!) (4:12)

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  • Pretty good.
  • ehehe
  • In a lot of ways I think this better than the Black Mages...especially that crappy third album.
  • Nice riffs.
  • Nice mix. Pretty tough sounding lol
  • Good shit man.
  • Sephy:So this is where Cloud learned Omnislash... Me:Lets destroy it so noone else can learn it! Sephy:Better yet...LETS DESTROY THE ENTIRE GOLD SAUCER!!!! Me:I like the way you think! *summons bahamut fury* Sephy*summons bahamut sin* In unison:DESTROY THIS PLACE!!!
  • Sephy:How could anyone mistake THIS as mother's themesong?!? Me: Will you just shut up and enjoy the music?!? That person made an honest mistake, NOW LIVE WITH IT!!!
  • This track is a remix of the track that plays when you're in fighting in the Battle Square at the Golden Saucer. You know, the one you can win Omnislash from. Not Jenova. JENOVA Celestial and Jenova Returns are the two Jenova remixes on Voices of the Lifestream
  • Like the song, but the original song JENOVA was a bit better. I'm not 100% sure that JENOVA is the original, the song is mixed far too much for me to catch all of my familiarity with it.

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