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  • Avatar di ackers07
    Part of my "[url=]woe is me[/url]" playlist on Facebook. Consider joining these groups: [group]OVER THE PRETENCE[/group] and [group]I'm British, but I have this thing for American music...[/group]
  • Avatar di makeanotherworl
    if i could be all by myself id be me if you could see live with my pain the thoughts that i keep love this song so much :)
  • Avatar di Trevour
    I always thought this would be a great song during the end credits of a film.
  • Avatar di mick27
    Amazing track!
  • Avatar di GrantRS
    Without a doubt their best song. Hadn't listened to it for ages. It's bringing back so many memories. I remember they played it live and it was awesome. Glad they're [i]still[/i] playing it live! New fans should be forced to listen to this one!
  • Avatar di time_to_dice
    amazing :]
  • Avatar di teh_roblee
    i love the way they always play this live, and i'm like the only person who knows it
  • Avatar di middleclasssam
    best feeder song. very grungey
  • Avatar di ludicrouslouisa
    You guys heard Ascend? Play Descend backwards. It sounds awesome!
  • Avatar di Niai8889
    One of Feeder's best songs. So dark and alternative.

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