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I Fear Factory sono una band statunitense che unisce il thrash metal e il death metal all'industrial metal.

I Fear Factory si formarono con il nome di Ulceration nel 1989 a Los Angeles, California, grazie all'ex chitarrista Dino Cazares ed al batterista Raymond Herrera. Il nome Ulceration fu abbandonato senza una ragione reale, se non quella che Burton C. Bell e gli altri membri della band volevano un nome migliore per il…

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  • Nothing can beat Soul of a New Machine!!!
  • As for Genexus, "Anodized" and "Regenerate" are some of my new all time favorite Fear Factory songs. As much as Fear Factory have this thing with making me love their albums on first listen, there's something about Genexus that made me love it more than Mechanize and The Industrialist. I believe it's because they brought back a lot of that groove they are best at doing. I mean, I love how intense their music has become on the last two, but songs like "Dielectric" and "Battle For Utopia" have something going for them that even the most intense of Fear Factory songs can't quite compare to. Hell, even "Soul Hacker" never fails to make me want to groove down HARD. Just can't get enough of the album, every song is just pure gold for me.
  • My biggest gripe with the new is how bare it looks. If whoever designed this new layout would put some more images in places, like something as simple as putting album covers in the recently played section along side songs, I would be a lot more happy with it. However, I am a lot more neutral with it now compared to when it went live in August, so maybe I'll grow to like it more when previous features go up again, despite how long that may be.
  • And yes, Genexus is an amazing album, definitely make my top 10 albums of the year :) Not sure which 2015 album is my favorite though..
  • Pretty much all they did was replace the old site with an unfinished beta, that is something i will not get and it's still amazing that people actually will continue to scrobble to i was furious and shut off my scrobbler. The only reason i still visit the site is to see if it would have really died. I see some artists lose some scrobblers and most of the 3rd party chart stuff such as bandlogos have closed their site down. It's completely ridiculous.
  • On a more related note, Genexus is still my favorite album of the year.
  • Lol, why took away bbcode is something I will never get.
  • Yeah you would think that those related bands would be at the top of the list. FF however has a wide range of listeners so I'm not surprised. And nice that the shout boxes are almost fully restored, wish hyperlinks would work though.
  • \m/
  • RELATED bands and side projects, that is.

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