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I Fear Factory sono una band statunitense che unisce il thrash metal e il death metal all'industrial metal.

I Fear Factory si formarono con il nome di Ulceration nel 1989 a Los Angeles, California, grazie all'ex chitarrista Dino Cazares ed al batterista Raymond Herrera. Il nome Ulceration fu abbandonato senza una ragione reale, se non quella che Burton C. Bell e gli altri membri della band volevano un nome migliore per il gruppo. Cambiarono nome nel 1990.

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  • Avatar di dege1m1
  • Avatar di animeshkanaruto
    Queer Fucktory.
  • Avatar di Idiots-Rule
    Demanufacture > Obsolete > Soul Of A New Machine > Mechanize > Genexus > The Industrialist > Archetype > Transgression > Digimortal
  • Avatar di Edgecruzher
    I was surprised as well. They changed "infection" to "infections" with the lyrics, so they're referring to Christian and Raymond instead of Dino now lol.
  • Avatar di AnonymousDrew
    Am pretty blown away that they're playing "Archetype" with Dino.
  • Avatar di kekiku
    They are good, finally listening to them after all these years! I have to say I prefer the clean vocals to unclean though
  • Avatar di Edgecruzher
    Fuck yes, that concert was absolutely AMAZING! Experiencing an album that has been an important part of my life for the last decade was so perfect. Not to mention, "Archetype" and "Regenerate" were nice bonuses too! I can only hope for my other favorite album ever to be played live in full in 2018 at this point, because not seeing my favorite song ever ("Resurrection") played before I die is simply unacceptable.
  • Avatar di Edgecruzher
    I love Archetype. I wouldn't put it above Demanufacture or Obsolete, but it features some of the best songs Fear Factory have made ("Drones," title track, "Corporate Cloning," "Undercurrent"...). Excited to see Demanufacture live in full in a couple of days! My favorite album ever played right in front of me... it will be a special night!
  • Avatar di bassius
    I used to worship his cleans. Now I can finally do them better than the real deal...
  • Avatar di bassius
    Fallen idols.

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