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I Faust sono una band tedesca formatasi a Wümme nel 1971 e dedita ad un art-rock elettronico, in linea con la corrente experimental rock tedesca di inizio anni '70, conosciuta con il nome di krautrock al quale vengono associati anche gruppi come i Can, gli Amon Düül II, i Neu! e i primi Kraftwerk.

Membri del gruppo sono Werner 'Zappi' Diermaier (batteria), Jean-Hervé Péron (basso, chitarra, voce), Hans Joachim Irmler…

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  • @MisterJunior Might've remembered back when you asked but unfortunately, you know. Probably another kraut rock band.
  • Congratulations, this artist is really obscure, but what about you - dear listener - do you also have an obscure music taste to survive in our game called [url=]Obscure Music Game[/url]? Find it out and join us!
  • @RomanyDagger It looks like he deleted his comment. Which group was he comparing Faust to?
  • @trillwave yeah but Faust seems to be a bit more diverse in what sounds they can make - in addition to those sounds being more enjoyable (in my opinion). Both are awesome though.
  • Faust IV is the sickest sh!t I've ever done heard
  • le cul dans les fourmis, le nez dans les étoiles
  • If anyone's looking for a book on Faust beyond what was written about them in Krautrocksampler, Krautrock: Cosmic Rock and Its Legacy and Future Days: Krautrock and the Building of Modern Germany, I'd recommend Faust: Stretch Out Time 1970-1975 by Andy Wilson. Obviously as you can tell from the title it deals with the first phase of Faust's career. Wilson does a good job of discussing each of the albums, Faust's significance within the music world at the time and in the present day and gets some interesting quotes from some of the band members. It's not the most scholarly thing in the world and Wilson admits to writing for the most part from the perspective of a big fan of the group, but he's not afraid to bring up what he feels are legitimate criticisms of the band. Worth picking up if you're interested in the early days of one of music's most creative and mysterious bands.
  • and at the end realize that nobody knows if it really happened
  • jUSt

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