• The Way We Learn

    Gen 23 2011, 22:39 di overmyhead10

    As I mentioned earlier, the band Farewell Fighter were releasing their sophomore album, The Way We Learn on January 18th. After listening to the album about 5 times in a row while driving to Indianapolis to see them live, I would like to share my mini blurb of feelings about the EP:

    "This band (Farewell Fighter) has been a huge positive influence on my life and this album just adds to that optimism. The lyrics are awe striking and the vocals are absolutely beautiful. I love this album because I love the band and I can hear and feel their growth as a band, as musicians and as people."

    It's quite short but I just wrote it for a reader's choice poll. I hope my feelings are conveyed even though its a short amount of words.
    That's all I have to say.
    Take care!

    Favorite Track: GOLDEN
  • Lately

    Gen 13 2011, 6:07 di overmyhead10

    Its been a while since I've written something here. I'm not sure of the purpose of writing on here but I enjoy going back and reading previous entries so why not. I read before that I was beginning to become obsessed with Since Forever and Anarbor. Those obsessions are still going strong. Both are officially tattooed on my body. My newest band I've fallen for is The Dear Hunter. I can listen to their music for hours. Through them, I just found City and Colour. I'm currently listening to their cd for the first time. I haven't formed an opinion yet but it looks promising.

    A little plug just in case other people read this. My good friends in Farewell Fighter are releasing their sophomore album on 1/18/2011. I recommend them greatly. The singer has the most amazing voice and their music is very emotionally charged. They are on the pop side but don't judge them as a pop band before you listen to them. They are worth their merit.

    Thats about as much as I have to say now.