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  • Avatar di Theelusiveg0y
  • Avatar di hf1809
    this album it classe***
  • Avatar di St8of_Emergency
  • Avatar di DLoCo1
    ❤ it : )
  • Avatar di Kelphill
    love tasia!!! my favorite female voice from 04' til infinity. Her voice always takes me back to NC..
  • Avatar di tiff-rocks78
    I love it soo much
  • Avatar di lucyn1021
    I love this song.
  • Avatar di ShantlHeartLive
  • Avatar di ShantlHeartLive
    love my station
  • Avatar di h3lovenote
    ♥ my favorite! xx
  • Avatar di rb4music
  • Avatar di teyanamark
    i love her music , all the time :)
  • Avatar di mixeur
  • Avatar di spadesontop
  • Avatar di tokunboh10
    beautiful voice
  • Avatar di Vallyre
    I love this song... Fantasia rocks...
  • Avatar di Jenn144
    cool & relaxed..
  • Avatar di spookyjay1
    Luv this cause when i see u, might eat u up. ha!
  • Avatar di MsSultry
    Luv It
  • Avatar di queenofGod
    I love her oldies their the bomb Just like Whitney Houston 's originals RIP
  • Avatar di Su454
    beautiful song. She has so much control with her vocials. I love the song.
  • Avatar di AirJordn
    when this song comes on>
  • Avatar di liyoh
  • Avatar di CourtneyNicole4
    Love this track. Its a little upbeat joint....takes me back
  • Avatar di gabby_chambers
    i love this actually describes what i feel
  • Avatar di meTheeElizabeth
    This song makes me smile and brings back memories. *sighs*
  • Avatar di MzJazzyBaby
    One of the BEST VOCALIST in the game!!!
  • Avatar di omambiyick
  • Avatar di sweetcincylove
    This is my song
  • Avatar di blackpudin
    This my girl
  • Avatar di EsaGiqqlez
    ♥ :)
  • Avatar di alaliejohnson
    i love this song
  • Avatar di JamSammiches
    Her Voice So Melodic !!
  • Avatar di terrasebrown
    voice of an angel regardless of rumors and talk!
  • Avatar di holly553
    i luv dhis song
  • Avatar di LFaithDD
    Memories :-)
  • Avatar di HolidayLATRICE1
    remember tthis
  • Avatar di grandma40s
    i have one like that........... he is always on my mind and i get shy........when he sees me on New Years Eve....He will be singing this hitttttttt...........
  • Avatar di vivaani101
    where is that guy, i wanna see him on the other side of the street.... :-)
  • Avatar di Dreakorstorm
    my boo sing this song to me...ain't that sweet
  • Avatar di Mzbarbie-bri
    as soon as i hear it that person pops up in my mind! :)
  • Avatar di Yolireals
    This was one of her hottest songs tho I love all her songs!!!!
  • Avatar di denlisz
    i have enjoyed her voice since AMERICAN IDOL. Beautiful voice and i wish her all blessings of success.
  • Avatar di SheritaBrown
    i can soooooo relate :)
  • Avatar di jamal850
    man this song bring back memeries
    :) when I see you
  • Avatar di mlkweme
    by far my favorite fantasia track!
  • Avatar di redbone8kids
    CLAP YOUR HANDS..............
  • Avatar di OfficeMelody
    I Love This Song! It feels like a new spring crush! (2)
  • Avatar di slickric49
    This lady has really come on with it it on


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