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  • Dying Is Your Latest Fashion is still their best album
  • Sad that Jackie left
  • Love this band <3
  • this is shit [5]
  • Ronnie is a fuckin' champ.
  • new album is outstanding
  • No, really. You guys listen to a shit band that makes shit music, not to say that the singer was arrested and is still being accused of rape?
  • You guys rock!!!!!!!
  • this is shit [4]
  • Wouldn't be the least bit surprised if the gang rape accusations are completely true. If they are, hopefully this prick gets what he really deserves this time.
  • this is avant-garde black metal blut aus nord-esque
  • this is shit [3]
  • this is shit [2]
  • this is shit
  • this is screamo
  • this is metalcore
  • this is not hardcore or post-hardcore or screamo you idiots
  • I did a new vocal cover. it would be awesome if u could give me some feedback under the video. thanks..
  • Douchecore [2]
  • Douchecore
  • @lizhabmoon The bass player is Zakk Sandler, ex-Black Tide
  • New album is really freaken good. Sounds like a mix between Dying is Your Latest Fashion and The Drug is me in you with a couple songs that sound like it's from Fashionably Late.
  • @ilizhabmoon thanks man!
  • @yuri-tavares no Max isn't playing bass for FIR any more. They do have somebody else that plays bass (saw him at the concert in Belgium) but I had never seen him before nor do I know his name
  • Is Max still playing bass in this band?
  • I would say I'm surprised by the new album but Ronnie has yet to let me down musically.
  • New album was a mixed bag.
  • so catchy...
  • Z2b
    New Album is really great !!
  • Fuck new album is a fucking surprise so goooood
  • New album is awesome despite not having unclean vox.
  • SO glad that they're back on form.
  • Наконец без петушни. Збс альбом вышел.
  • I thought "brother" is a feat. with danny worsnop ?
  • new album is too good for words
  • "Just Like You" is an awesome album! [2]
  • Just Like You ♥
  • "Just Like You" is an awesome album!
  • the new album is cool
  • Also the new song fucking blows.
  • Not liking Ronnie Radke makes me a closet queer? Wow, why didn't I know sooner? My entire life has been a lie!
  • I hope Ronnie Radke dies in a car crash. That is all. [5]
  • Damn! I was not expecting the 2 new songs to be in the top charts already.
  • Guillotine IV (The Final Chapter) is amazing!
  • This shit is gonna rule
  • So glad Falling in Reverse's new song sounds like Dying is Your Latest Fashion. Apparently the new album is going to sound like that album. About fucking time!
  • Goddammit why can't I stop listening to Fashionably Late. On paper it should be terrible but I can't fault it. So catchy. [3]
  • Goddammit why can't I stop listening to Fashionably Late. On paper it should be terrible but I can't fault it. So catchy. [2]


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