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  • This track is just so absurdly fun! Gotta love those horns and Patton's idiosyncratic vocals. The build-up to the harsh C5 is a standout. Sweet basslines within the track, too. Undoubtedly one of the best tracks in the album.
  • One of their finest!
  • It's all over 'n' over 'n' o-VAAAAAH! EEEEEEIII! [2]
  • V Yeah, classic Patton. Must be the side effects of excessive ingest of caffeine.
  • "When asked if the song was a reference to Kurt Cobain Mike Patton stated: “God no! It’s about a phenomenon. And if that guy happened to be one, I don’t know. It’s one of those things that happen; it’s a Vegas thing. What could be more shameful than having to change your colostomy bag on stage?! Vegas is great, though. I love it. Welcome to America." What?
  • First Time Played Live, With A Set Of Bronzes. where? in CHILE!!
  • Amazin...
  • This track is really growing on me.
  • That voice.... <3
  • Rubbish
  • i love this track. bass line is simply great!
  • fartknockers.
  • You don't need your freedom!
  • tom jones
  • This is my wife's favorite FNM song!
  • It's all over 'n' over 'n' o-VAAAAAH! EEEEEEIII!
  • It's pure gold.., a complete change of pace - their album starts with at least 3 rather violent songs. Then you hit the fifth track and it's a sweet sweet surprise. <3
  • Try playing this sucker on the spoons, what a workout...
  • so good
  • It's all over 'n' over 'n' o-VAAAAAH!
  • so fucking NICE !!!! i love this song!!!!
  • killer song, indeed
  • I never quite understood this track.
  • Thingythingythingy.... Zow... Bossa nova rhythm, thingythingy.... EGGS ON THE FRONT OF THE HOUSE! Paper, paper! Eclectic paper
  • horns!
  • Strange song. One of their best.
  • It's pretty badass, man. It's all over 'n' over 'n' o-VAAAAAH!
  • Man this song doesn't get any love. It gets less love than the album it's off. Star A.D. is my favorite FNM song, man.

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