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  • The new album is really great and so are their concerts.
  • 95 cents?! fuck you ill skate, to the beach
  • Best band. Can I get a transfer maaaaaaan?
  • Sol Invictus é top 10 melhores álbuns do ano.
  • RECENZJA! Najlepszy album od...?
  • beta sucks. new album kicks ass.[2]
  • The new album is so good!
  • melhor show no RIR 2015!!!
  • Um ótimo show para um lixo de plateia no Rock in Rio. Eu estava lá e deu até desgosto, esse povo não merece Faith No More.
  • Rock in Rio 2015!! Great Show!
  • Ontem, o show em São Paulo foi incrível!! Presenciar "Everything's Ruined" ao vivo foi um sonho realizado! <3
  • The concert in Codta Rica was the best! They fucking played Zombie Eaters and Chinese Arithmetic! Also Cone of Shame... and all my favorites off Sol Invictus! And the Setlist was just perfect. I got to meet the whole band it was the best the best day of my life. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • beta sucks. new album kicks ass.
  • All the day's plans. All the shaking hands. Beepers and suntans... (:)
  • eita lasquera, album novo regaçando
  • Cone of Shame <3
  • new video clip "Terror Has Begun"
  • They killed it in Atlanta last night and invited us to do whippets with them at the Clermont Lounge with retired strippers.
  • shit i love this band so much [2]
  • who doesn't ?
  • shit i love this band so much
  • Just saw them live for the first time. Amaaaaazing! So happy i finally got to see them.
  • Yeah !! They are coming to my country !!
  • Yellow looks really good on him though. [2] I'm jealous of the guy that crowd surfed at just the right time and got to sing Easy with Mike Patton for all of 5 seconds before being dragged away before security
  • Faith No More are on the cover of the latest issue of Rock-A-Rolla! Check it out here:
  • "Heavy merde!"
  • I love last album, Motherfucker! )
  • Sol Invictus is my album of the year so far.
  • Yellow looks really good on him though.
  • Patton the security guy
  • Man the Hellfest show was incredible, Patton charisma is incredible.
  • Watched on Hellfest live stream, absolutely blew my mind
  • Black Friday and Matador are the best songs on the new album
  • Ahhh, the new album is SO GOOD. SO SO GOOD...
  • superhero grows and grows
  • Новый альбом крут! Вторую неделю не отрываюсь
  • неплохо, но могли бы лучше
  • vv just wipe it off with a cotton bud and continue listening dude xD
  • Hang on a bloody minute. There was an amazing album released in 2015? WOW! It's a shame I cant listen to it twice as my ears are already filled with cum. Maybe I should wait for 20 minutes or so.
  • Gig in Berlin was fantastic - if anyone wants to swap a standing ticket for the 17th In London for the 18th in London - let me know
  • Gag seller shut up! Mind your own frigging business!
  • Thanks for amazing show in Poland and come back again!!!
  • Here photos and impressions of the Berlin show:
  • what is their best album and why is it angel dust?
  • Hipsterfork should keep their irrelevant opinions to themselves.
  • FNM just continues on like they never left. Sol Invictus doesn't seem to try to be anything, it just is another classic album. I wasn't sure how I'd feel about it after loving (Mike Patton's) Tomahawk's "Oddfellows" as much as I did..........but Patton manages to keep each of his projects (?) unique.
  • Best return album EVER!
  • new album is stellar
  • Pitchfork say 6/10. Were not allowed to like it now.
  • Sol Invictus is an outstanding 2015 album.


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