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Gli Eyehategod sono un gruppo Sludge Metal di New Orleans, Louisiana, formata da Mike Williams (voce), Jimmy Bower (chitarra), Brian Patton (chitarra), Joey LaCaze (batteria) e Gary Mader (basso).

La band nasce nel 1988 dalle menti del chitarrista Jimmy Bower e del batterista Joe LaCaze, i quali reclutano Mike Williams alla voce. Dopo quattro anni passati a suonare per la Louisiana, il gruppo pubblica il proprio debutto, In The Name Of Suffering. La musica presentata va a pescare a piene… ulteriori informazioni

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  • EHG - дико тяжелые, но в то же время очень грувовые и даже мелодичные риффы, нереальный кач, который временами замедляется еще сильней из-за чего создается впечатление оч.крутого дропа и вокал, как будто чувак сбежал прямиком из психиатрической больницы для тяжелых случаев. Самая четкая сладжуха, я считаю. Правда немного однообразно, иногда надоедает.
  • gr8!
  • Also, to add to the back and forth below about non-hipster sludge bands: 16, Brainoil, Dystopia, Lair of the Minotaur, Thou (or are they hipster because they teamed up with the Body?), and so on. Reflechissant, if you are worried that too many other people listen to the same bands as you, just go to bandcamp, use the sludge tag and download all of the free stuff on the last page of the "best-selling" section.
  • pozdrowienia ze Śląska dla fanów Eyehategod
  • We've got what you need to take for pain, please come to Holland!
  • Cavity should be at the top of the similar artists, just listen to them beasts:
  • Noothgrush are damn awesome
  • How are Sleep and Weedeater even remotely "hipster"? Sleep isn't even sludge after the first album. You should check out Fistula, Noothgrush, Ramesses, and the bands MisterJunior listed.
  • AnaalForsage, Weedeater and Sleep are hipster bullshit as well, apparently you are into them. I didn't say all sludge save for AB and EHG is hipster. Obviously, the bands suggested right behind the top albums aren't hipster. I said I was just into those two ones.

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