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  • I heard they just entered the studio for a new work. That's great; "Saudades de Rock" is a real good album.
  • I like some of their early stuff, but "More Than Words" to me is real boring [3]
  • PLease do some shows in Germany !!
  • Saying I love you is not the words I want to hear from you, it's not that I want you not to say, but, if you only knew how easy it would be to show me how you feel... More than words is all you have to do to make it real.
  • I like some of their early stuff, but "More Than Words" to me is real boring [2]
  • My first rock band! I listen to them when I was 5 years old :D
  • Fuck the "hair-metal" clichés, Extreme as the band way beyond hairy posers such as Hanoi Rocks or Pretty Boy Floyd (by Gosh! It's even ridiculous to comparing them), as at technique or as at composing, Extreme moved on the 100 points forward. It is an undisputed A-classy stuff! So gutted that all of people know about them is "More Than Words", always wanna parry on that with the phrase this band is "More Than One Song".
  • Oh, and yes, I do like some hair metal, but the genre is beneath the mighty Extreme.
  • Fat bass, magical vocal harmonies, witty and interesting lyrics, and dat guitar. It is unfortunate that "More Than Words" became the hit when it did because that will forever link this top-shelf talent band with hair metal.
  • pure perfection always !!!
  • I always skipped over this band after the whole Cherone and Van Halen thing, glad I finally got around to giving them a listen!
  • the finest tuning , what i listen ever before !!! III Sides to Every Story
  • The more i listen to them, the more I get obsessed with them.
  • They had an abundance of talent, pity that they didn't pursue more creative music.
  • anyway Extreme yea Nuno rules ! (2)
  • Nuno rules!
  • I always called this band the poor mans version of Queen. the songs might not have been as clever as Queen but still good,the band rocked and just like brain may Nuno kicked so mush ass.
  • няшный сонг
  • Yep........
  • Agreed about them not being a 'one-hit' band, the biggest hit they had is actually my least favourite song by them, the rest of 'Pornograffitti', however, is amazing :)
  • I like some of their early stuff, but "More Than Words" to me is real boring.
  • amazing band. better than Skid Row and Motley Crue combined
  • Nuno! ♥
  • yeah nuno !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Nuno !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • allside extreme perfect
  • 1 hit wonder extreme!
  • More Than Words <3
  • One hit band? Dig deeper folks ;)
  • good morning one ear listener
  • brilliant nuno duarte
  • They aren't a one hit band in the US - Both More Than Words (#1) and Hole Hearted (#4) were huge top 5 hits. And i agree...the III Sides Album is nothing short of brilliant. Especially the 3rd side. Amazing.
  • ONE HIT BAND [2]
  • Top tracks is missing Politicalamity.
  • The 3 Sides album is an absolute masterpiece
  • The debut album is BRILLIANT!! [2]
  • Worst cuntsauce-dripping band ever? Thx?
  • The debut album is BRILLIANT!!
  • Shlak rock like extreme (c) Chris N.
  • Rest in peace explode my mind )
  • this is a band that should have been bigger than gun n roses. fckin awesome music
  • Warheads
  • SOOOOO underrated. These guys are amazing. [9] They deserve to be as huge as Queen, no kidding.[3]
  • This jerk (Cherone) almost destroyed Van Halen.
  • SOOOOO underrated. These guys are amazing. [7]
  • SOOOOO underrated. These guys are amazing. [6]
  • DeValanten, sure they will :)


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