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  • Funeral Hymn is an anthem [2] and fucking heavy record... and i love the voice... fuck all the haters [2] enough said \\m/
  • I don't understand why this album gets so much hate. This is an awesome and very underrated thrash album.
  • I think this album is pretty good, but not great. Probably my least favorite in the 2000's. I love Riot Act and Funeral Hymn, and Bedlam 1 2 3, and Iconoclasm but the rest of the album for me loses its intensity (a lot of overly repeated mid-tempo stuff that makes the songs too long). I absolutely LOVE the guitar tone. I think Dukes sounds better here than on Shovel Headed (a little stronger, and his phrasing isn't totally arbitrary). I think Exhibit B is much better, more speedy. It sounds like after re-recording BBB (Let There Be Blood), they were a little more inspired on Exhibit B to pick up the pace.
  • Is it as bad as people say?
  • Love this album! My second favourite after Bonded by Blood. I for one am crazy about Rob Dukes' voice
  • Senseless Remain is an old school (1993) underrated german thrash metal band! Listen:
  • I think I like this a little more than Exhibit B...Both are great records
  • I you fear, seeing through your lies You I fear, raping of innocent minds! Damn thats awesome. Always listened only "Bonded by Blood" and "Let there be Blood" and thought that another albums are poor but NO!
  • Funeral Hymn is an anthem

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