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  • Go Fu*k yourself with your paramore!!!!
  • Love this group <3 <3
  • I agree Warrigo, if they played these on pandora radio and such it would be awesome. But yeah paramore isn't a fail.
  • It isn't Paramore, so maybe give it a listen? If you apparently like Paramore (which I do), it is nice to hear similar artists, anything new is new. It gets pretty fucking old hearing people think they're saying something worth a fuck.
  • P-P-P-Paramore!
  • <3
  • @edmann thats stupid to say so. just if they sound a bit similar doesn't mean they are copying paramore or something. i'm pretty sure they didnt intend to sound like paramore. they just playing the music they like and want to play. should actually post this on every shoutbox of a pop-punk band with female vocals as there are lots of you morons claiming that they're ripping off paramore style
  • They need more love <3
  • Who the f**k is Paramore?
  • Sounds like Paramore again
  • My friend interviewed them when they came through Austin. The girl has some pipes. Check it out:
  • absolutely love this band. <3
  • Awesome album!

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