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  • Like your smile
  • theyre actually pretty good.. just got introduced to them too
  • I love every song from the album "Wake Up! Wake Up!".
  • + Here With Me +
  • it sounds good.
  • Just checked them out, I find them amazing!
  • I love them ♥
  • Could anyone send me Tell Me You'll Be There? I love this song and can't find it anywhere! =O
  • They are so amazing!
  • Everyday Sunday is so amazing!xD Please come to Japan one day :D
  • I love Every Day Sunday, it's amazing, their style and lyrics are great!
  • <3 oh Goood)))
  • Why they have only 400 thousand plays ; / they are fucking amazing
  • very good band
  • you are gay
  • Saw them at ATF Saturday
  • perfectttt ;) love you guys..
  • For people looking for good underground Christian music, or people with similar interests. Join my group.
  • askok wake up's not the band everyday sunday is chh everyone knows that
  • luv blondie
  • I think all of their albums are awesome <3
  • ive seen them live and afterward when we went to get their autograph they stole one of my sharpies and wouldn't give it back xD lol
  • behind U!
  • they're a really cool band.
  • hehe... I've seen them live xD they are awesome^^
  • Wake up is my total favorite totally cool band!
  • i`m wondering why band like this is little known, be the way, them song Stand Up is amazing <3
  • After "Stand Up," I think these guys really went downhill...
  • If you like to argue over who listens to THE music to listen to and would like to argue in THE place to argue, please join [group]MY music could beat up YOUR music -- and kick it's ass[/group] and start off a truly magnificent (and entertaining) arguing extravaganza! :D
  • great album
  • here with me <3
  • amazing.
  • i♥yall
  • Great band! I love "Don't leave"
  • Wow. Love it.
  • Great band!
  • Vote this picture up:
  • New album 06/16/09!!! Check out their new single on Myspace :)
  • Just read an update, in spite of one of the guys being ejected (was sleeping with no seatbelt on) and the suburban rolling 4-5 times no one is seriously hurt. Praise God!
  • The whole band was just in a car wreck and transported by ambulance to the hospital. If anyone sees this, take a second and pray for them. 0313009 11:04AM Pacific Time.
  • really great <3
  • oh nostalgia
  • This band is AMAZING!!! <3
  • I love Rock...
  • they're cute, definitely
  • makes u wanna dance!!!!!!!!!
  • Wake Up Wake Up! is amazing. :D
  • hey I went to your concert at River Glen on the 28th!!! you guys were great!!! I was also the first guy to body surf :P great job at that concert you guys!!!


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