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Yeah, they said you called me maybe yesterday

Testo di Everclear - Normal Like You


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  • Their simple minds just cannot seem to understand. You are neurotic and depressed. It doesn't mean that you are sad. (FTW)!!
  • just because you're neurotic and depressed doesn't mean you're sad. mother of fucking god.
  • Also...everclear has NEVER been mainstream. what the blue fuck?
  • One of my favorites "I get closer to the place inside, Where I can be sedated" - awesome!
  • Conformist. That's funny. Also, Everclear haven't been in the mainstream for about 5 years.
  • tell me why
  • conformists ;P
  • I really don't care if it's "mainstream" or not, I like good music And Everclear rocks
  • I love this song, as someone who's always felt normal and been told she isn't. If listening to it makes me mainstream then zomg oh noez, I am not a unique snowflake--but I already knew that. Tragedy averted!! My fav line in this song is simple minds just cannot seem to understand: you are neurotic and depressed, it doesn't mean that you're sad. Sounds like nonsense, but it really is true.

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