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  • Fucking awesome ♥
  • <3
  • Take my life and then I'll feel okay
  • <3
  • love this emotional!X0<3
  • This..<3.
  • This..<3.
  • The Used ripoff :) -- Hmmm.. Kinda. Good observation. Much respect to both bands though..
  • This song and the This war is ours remix are the only escape the fate songs I don't like.
  • i love it <3
  • cool.
  • The Used ripoff :)
  • different from the rest of their stuff, but one of my faves by them :)
  • love this song <3
  • so enjoy to sing this song <3
  • yeah sounds like the used's new stuff btw anybody hear a baby laughing in the end of the track?
  • i love this song <3
  • WOW Trumpets. This band is alrrright O_O
  • I love this song :)
  • i love every song ETF ever created except for this one. I hate this song.
  • A-fucking-mazing :3
  • this, reminds me of The Used. definitely different from the rest of their stuff though, I kinda like it.
  • let it be >.< let the 'we want ronnie' shit. it's going on my nervs :D [2] 8DD
  • eh i don't really like this one. the rest of the album is pretty legit though
  • biggest shit ever. It's a copy of My chemical Romance. We want Ronnie!
  • someoneput a track
  • JoBros o:
  • нравится)
  • This, is not to bad of a song.
  • мм одна из самых крутых песен на альбоме!!!!
  • Sounds like The Used's Paralyzed IMO
  • The new cd is like My Chemical Romance o.o
  • It's an ok song but I agree with TeeBlatt & ramonGELLER, it belongs on a Panic At The Disco album. This isn't the Escape The Fate I love :(
  • panic at the disco :D
  • interesting.....lolinstrumentation
  • crazy song... but I like it very, very much. "cut it out from my mouth, put my tounge on the pole, I won't sing anymore, I'm losing control!"
  • Such a weird fuckin song, but also really cool at the same time.
  • Fucking amazing.
  • <3
  • Jusssssssssssssssssssssst a little more come on and satisfy me. I like it, but it ain't ETF.
  • Weird. What a change of direction.
  • great
  • Frickin' crazy, frickin' great!
  • First ^.^

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