• What I'm Listening To - May/June

    Giu 14 2009, 18:54 di jonathanlovatt


    Here's some of the artists, albums and songs I've been enjoying in the last few months. Some new - some not quite so new! Pickings have been a bit better since I renewed my eMusic.com subscription which has loads of obscure stuff on it.

    Starting with albums first:

    Passion Pit are an electronica band who released a successful EP late last year - Chunk of Change. They've now produced a full album and it's awesome - full of different sounds and every song is unique - but in a good way! My favorites are Little Secrets and Sleepyhead.

    The famous Dave Matthews Band have also released their latest effort - Big Whiskey And The Groogrux King. I have no idea who thought up the album title but it's great! I haven't had time yet to enjoy the entire album but what I've listened to so far is fantastic - the title track is my favourite - the fabulously named Shake Me Like a Monkey. If you like what you hear, there's a considerable back catalogue…