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  • The only song that Eminem's made in recent years that would fit right in if it was on the Marshall Mathers LP
  • reply to "scarred1928 wrote: June 2009 1. This song is "Underground" not "Underground/Ken Kaniff." 2. The song is in 4/4. Not 3/4 or 5/4. The snare is on beat 3 of every measure. The kick phrasing makes it feel like an odd signature but it is not" It is 5 over 4 nub. count the kick drum, that is 5/4. the snare and hi-hat is 4/4
  • When you walked in the door you were queer to me/ so come here baby boy come to me/
  • Weak.
  • Epic chorus.
  • dre is a genius
  • It's in 5/4 and 4/4 at the same time. It's actually 5 over 4 in the choruses and fairly brilliantly done through some MPC trickery. You can count 5 and 4 all the way through pretty naturally.
  • awesome.
  • fuckin' nice song!!!
  • Brilliant, yeap, brilliant! "My favorite song from Relapse. The beat is incredible. " [2]

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