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Don't you ever feel your sorry?
Don't you ever wish the sky could open up?
All I do is going nowhere
And I want to go back home

Testo di Emigrate - Temptation


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  • dafuq is wrong with you people? Richard is a brilliant musician, I love his work with Rammstein and Emigrate <3
  • Guys, these songs are supposed to be ones that don't fit with Rammstein's persona. Are you going to get pissy because it doesn't sound like Rammstein when that's exactly what it's supposed to be? Are you going to get pissy when an artist reveals that he wants to expand his artistic venues and write something OTHER than what he's already know for? I actually think it's a rather nice song and the fact that it came from him proves that he's not just a one trick pony. He's a talented individual that can do more than one genre of music and do it well.
  • Tha fuck is wrong with u people..? This is a nice song
  • @Perq I don't think a girl wearing dark eye shadow instantly means she's emo.
  • ein sehr schönes lied
  • good :))))))))))))))))
  • Geez why all the hate towards richard I like Emigrate and Ramms+ein and I would like to see if any of you could make music as good as either one of them.
  • not bad, not bad
  • LAME.

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