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Emerson Lake & Powell sono la reunion di Emerson Lake & Palmer con Cozy Powell al posto di Carl Palmer; quest'ultimo impegnato insieme a Steve Howe (Yes) con gli Asia. Le iniziali come si nota rimangono sempre ELP e questa formazione sforna l'unico "Emerson Lake & Powell" nel 1986. Un buon album con il mastodontico inizio con "The Score", in cui troveremo le ineguagliabili tastiere di Keith Emerson, la delicata voce di Greg…

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  • 2 zmey- а я смотрю ты знаешь толк в петушках, сидел наверно? может и тебя опустили?
  • Pop music?No,It's not within Emerson & Cozy!!!
  • Emerson, Lake & Palmer: Pop Version.
  • I'm not a huge fan, but it's no worse than Black Moon.
  • Pop version of Emerson, Lake & Palmer but still sounds great.
  • I can't sympathize with the haters on EL & Powell. I think they did as well as they could have done under the circumstances, and turned out a fairly memorable album. It still earns a place on my regular rotation.
  • whats happened with this band? before Powell joining, elp played good music. i dont believe that powell made everything bad. is it true that love beach is donkey pee but if he playing music like that they are fucking sucking whores
  • что с ними стало? до этого нормальная группа была, я не верю что пришел петушок Пауэлл и один все испортил. конечно, лав бич уже до него было ссаниной, но чтобы до такого дойти, до чего они дошли с этим Пауэллом нужно конечно приличными опущенцами быть.
  • heybuddys,how could i hear this song
  • Singlehandedly pawns all wannabe epic power metal bands since the opening tracks sound like medieval fanfares meeting Bruckheimer's blockbusters.

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