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Emergency Broadcast Network is the name of a multimedia performance group formed in 1991 that took its name from the Emergency Broadcast System. The founders were Rhode Island School of Design graduates Joshua Pearson, Gardner Post, and Brian Kane (author of the Vujak VJ software). Kane left EBN in 1992. The EBN Live Team included DJ Ron O'Donnell; video artist-technologist Greg Deocampo, founder of Company of Science and Art (CoSA); founding CTO of, artist-designer Tracy Brown; and programmer-technologist… ulteriori informazioni

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  • Avatar di GaaraGOinMusic1
    try psychoactive drugs
  • Avatar di LanFill
    interesting breaks on the tracks i heard. nice
  • Avatar di gulfalco
    Yeah, saw them live twice back in L.A., both shows were very memorable experiences. Oh yeah, and whenever I have another Gulf War vet(like me) over I try to remember to play the "GW, Ground War" video or whatever it is called. They always have a strong reaction to seeing that, I can assure you! :o] ps: come do a show here in SF, please?
  • Avatar di oyveychris
    Saw these guys live more than a few times. Crazy stage show! They used to cruise around Providence in an old white station wagon with the EBN logo emblazoned on the side, and kinds of satellite dishes and whatnot mounted to the roof.
  • Avatar di dianashamilton
    Found an old personal favorite there (caution, mature content): [url=]Get Down[/url]
  • Avatar di deftlyd
    I see comments looking for the vids. Try Josh Pearson's homepage - for most of the them.
  • Avatar di leishman88
    does anyone know where you can buy the cd of telecommunication breakdown with the songs on one disc and the vids on the other? can only find the vids on the net but want to put the songs on my mp3 player
  • Avatar di dsp_
    is anybody in possession of the ntsc video or has got it in digital form? =) i'm highly interested in a full version just found snippets like a lad insane
  • Avatar di Alucard_Dr
    Who on earth tagged these guys with Japanese?!?!!?

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