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  • Stepfather Factory would make my list as well. Top notch stuff.
  • Stepfather Factory made my list of best songs of all-time, love the concept so much.
  • Literally everything El-P touches turns to gold, from Company Flow to Cannibal OX to Run The Jewels. I don't know how he continues to make such quality music. I prefer his solo material to anything else, but it's just ridiculous how he literally has never made anything bad.
  • GOAT [2]
  • sure it is, that doesn't make RTJ any less significant than it is [2] Thank you. El-P's solo career is one of the best in hip hop. RTJ is one hell of a duo. No need to compare the two.
  • топ репер
  • Ye he's pretty GOAT
  • GOAT
  • pozdrowienia ze Śląska dla fanów EI-P
  • Far better than Run the Jewels.
  • Jazzy Jeff is the only artist similar to El-P.
  • so is anybody else seeing Jazzy Jeff and only Jazzy Jeff for 'similar artists'?
  • and Fantastic Damage is a lot better than all of those
  • sure it is, that doesn't make RTJ any less significant than it is
  • cancer 4 cure is better than rtj 1 and 2
  • dope
  • High water is such an underrated album.
  • Run The Jewels - Blockbuster Night Part 1 (Official Video)
  • No Nas Feature For "Run The Jewels 2"
  • El-P Talks "Run The Jewels 2" (Video)
  • new pic is pretty sick
  • This must be underground catagory.
  • Heil-P.
  • no money for a color tape, is so sad :(, poor guy
  • Run The Jewels - Run The Jewels (Official Video)
  • The G.O.A.T.
  • Fantastic Damage is a masterpiece.
  • fantastic damage is still fresh and tight. jeah.
  • Awesome MC, even better producer
  • Disappointed with Run the Jewels? Are you human?
  • disappointments 2013
  • The Overly Dramatic Truth - Great song
  • Fandam up there with my favourite albums ever. The next two just don't come close for me. Sure.. the world changed.
  • @Revoluti0nNo9: HAHAHA! :D Good one!
  • substancex you just ruined El-P for me and the children of future generations
  • shut up
  • Just to stay consistent with my douchey-ness, I'm going to post a second shout right after I already made one. *thumbs up*
  • Love the latest record. Anyone else noticed that El's been working on his MC skills lately too? I always thought his rapping was underrated - people didn't realize that he was a really good MC but they were put off by the dense style on his early 2000s stuff when he was trying to stuff as many syllables as humanly possible into every single line.
  • can't get enough of this musician.. he's a genius in the recent music industry..
  • Awesome show last Saturday, was neat to see Killer Mike pop up on the stage!
  • Review: [url=]El-P + Killer Mike – Run The Jewels[/url] [8.5/10]
  • Oh shit. Wait though - do douchebags also take avatar pics of themselves with a shit-eating grin on their face while giving a cheesy thumbs-up? If so, I'm fucked.
  • Only douchebags post twice in a row.
  • Make fun of me for my gushy posts all you want - I don't give a fuuuuck. I'm just expressing my thoughts. If that makes me a douchebag, that's cool with me. I'm just really happy that music like this exists.
  • The more I listen to C4C, I really do think it's the culmination of everything El-P's been working toward all these years. It just takes awhile to sink in because the beats and textures are different than what we're used to from him. It's fucking amazing though. El's always on the pulse of what's really going on. ISWYD summed up the surveillance state after 911 so beautifully that it made me cry when I first listened to it, and the vibe of C4C is about moving forward after finally realizing that we're living in a dystopian future straight out of 1984 and Brave New World.
  • Full version of Banana Clipper featuring Big Boi!
  • new track El-P and Killer Mike


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