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  • Avatar di captainDread
    Saved my life a couple of years ago.
  • Avatar di BulbusMollusc
    Very poignant and brilliant.
  • Avatar di KeithandLor
    Still missing you...
  • Avatar di KeithandLor
    I miss you Mark. Couldnt you have waited until after you had Thanksgiving dinner at Mom and Dads ( while I was home visiting from 1400miles away) (asplanned) before hanging yourself ?? And tomorrow youd be 33, damn man. And of all things having your funeral on my Dads 69th bday, what a bittersweet day. Ill Always love you, FUCKER. R.I.P since you surely didnt on this Earth.
  • Avatar di pseudopeura
    can't stop listening. and can't really do anything else but to listen. it hurts so much.
  • Avatar di chewchoo
    This song breaks my heart, but speaks to what so many of us feel. Thank you E for sharing such poignant thoughts with us, and you are indeed "A man in great pain over great beauty." And we're grateful to have you putting into words and music what's in so many people's hearts....
  • Avatar di PinballWizard55
    @BillSwansea, I think that too.
  • Avatar di zissisbrisbane
    poignant. We love you E.
  • Avatar di kriegerisch
    i cried at my first listening.
  • Avatar di asdkeke
    Wow it's a gem for sure.


I am a man in great pain over great beauty
It's not easy standing on my feet these days
But you know I'm pretty sure that I've been through worse
And I'm sure I can take the hit

Testo di Eels - On My Feet


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