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  • пиздато, как хата моего деда
  • mindblown
  • that hug is a work of art
  • grandissimo
  • great sound,kid :)
  • Wow !!Great !!!
  • bratic bani u beograd !
  • argia! (:
  • Loving his new album - Sandalyon is incredible. This might sound pretentious but it's a journey of a track. So good when the acidy bits start coming in at about 7 mins.
  • Hi new III album is just AMAZING!
  • argia great soundtrack for whatever you want to do... its fucking 16 min and 07 seconds long of pure fucking awesomeness
  • yess !
  • The Fugue ! ! !
  • lynchesque
  • È stato molto balordo scoprire che sei di Cagliari! XP
  • genius kid
  • Lynchesque
  • good shite sir
  • I neeeeeeeed mooooore!!![2]
  • Listen and Vote for Oxia - Harmonie (Lost Tapes Remix)
  • I neeeeeeeed mooooore!!!
  • I don't know if you actually read what is written here, I just want to say that the guitar ending of america is simply priceless.
  • heeeeeeerrreeee coooooooomes theeeee (wait for it...) TECHNO! best track. i love this dude!
  • paoloooo
  • под быстрым
  • чё-то я не врубился, под чем это надо слушать?
  • Lynchesque <3 Come to Poland to Ultra Music Festival!
  • quite trippy
  • That Hug is the best thing that ever happened to world since wheel
  • New year's eve with Dustyyyy! woooo! :D
  • Milk ♥
  • brilliant
  • Love you.
  • here comes the Techno
  • dat hug.
  • Best techno artist ever ! melancolique , joyeux , energetique , sombre, divetissant , et cut album , beyond that hill quell regal ! Bravo , big respect ! En passant , america ( version longue ) est one PEPITE !!!!
  • New album is massive. So many genres in it. Pure awesomness
  • Why isn't A Ravers Diary on top??????????????? (2) it is not appearing at all in his releases on Lastfm as Beyond that hill...?...?...
  • Please come to RUSSIA!
  • Beyond That Hill runs through a ton of styles, very cool
  • region of Dusty Kid:
  • Beyond That Hill is great !!
  • massive!
  • храни его вселенная!
  • новое радует ;D
  • wew


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