• Waiting impatiently for the new Duran Duran album...

    Ago 16 2007, 13:44 di Poisoned_Apathy

    These last weeks I couldn't listen to anything that wasn't Kate Bush. I've just discovered her music and it just blows my mind away...Amazing. Nevertheless, I don't want to take an overdose of her music, and have decided to take my time to listen to all her albums patiently, so I will be able to get really deep into them and understand them and love them even more :)

    And you will be wondering what this has to be with Duran Duran??
    Well, I already had the chance to hear some of the new tracks that will be on the new Duran Duran album , Red Carpet Massacre.
    I listened to Nite Runner a few days ago and didn't like it very much, which it wasn't really a surprise since I dissaprove theJustin Timberlake collaboration from the beginning... But, I listened yesterday to the track is going to be the single ,Falling Down, which is produced by Timberlake too, but fortunately it's a lot closer to a real Duran tune and it's growing on me with each listening and I'm getting very excited about the new album and, above all, the new tour!! XD