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Dropkick Murphys

I'm Shipping Up to Boston (2:25)

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  • The Departed! Great movie [2]
  • Great song. Love it!
  • The Departed! Great movie
  • Bones
  • perfect drinking track
  • love it
  • Sudden urge for some Sam Adams beer.
  • Love this song!
  • Overplayed...up there with Tessie as their most "brah yeah!" song.
  • Makes me wanna go on a crime spree! Just kidding NSA :P
  • Yeah let's go!
  • Boston Red Sox!
  • Always cheers me up!
  • Love this song!
  • world series 2013!
  • <3
  • Saint Patrick's Day, rules
  • Love this song. Loved playing it on Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Love it in every movie it was in, even Brave (which was a good movie), don't know why their are so many people hating on the movie and the song for being in the movie.
  • Irish Jaws intro
  • Love it when Forrest Griffin walks out to this!!
  • I'm listening to this in honor of Saint Patty's Day.
  • fuck yeah
  • I thought this sounded familiar... The Departed!
  • Win
  • I should really learn this one on my banjo sometime, awesome!
  • Fuck Yah!
  • Carnage!
  • Hometown anthem!
  • @lorendefect: Why does the fact that it was used in Brave stop it from continuing to be your favourite song? Does the usage of it in the movie in any way impact the song's quality?
  • indeed
  • so, fucking, good!
  • fuck
  • great song
  • was my favorite song until they used it in Brave(lame)
  • i love these oi-rish boyos
  • Number one song :)
  • I feel ready for rebellionn.
  • great
  • Jack Nicholson + Mark Wahlberg + Martin Scorsese + Rolling Stones + Dropkick Murphys = The Departed. Great combination, all of it!
  • Love the Murphy's, I need to see these guys live again!
  • Tilted Kilt!!! (j/k)
  • \m/ Fuck yah!
  • Thank God I saw the Departed [5]
  • Thank God I saw The Departed [4]
  • Thank God I saw The Departed [3]
  • Dropkicks rule, nuff said!
  • brutal irish song, love that song!
  • Hell yeah!
  • Hey this is Papelbon's song! It is pretty amazing. [2] yeah, but he's gone now :(


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