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I Drexciya sono un gruppo di musica elettronica di Detroit. L'unico membro ufficialmente riconosciuto nel progetto è lo scomparso James Stinson, anche se risulta certa la collaborazione in molte occasioni del produttore e musicista Gerald Donald.

Il loro nome deriva da un mito molto somigliante all'Atlantide di Platone: Drexciya era infatti un mondo sottomarino popolato dai figli mai nati delle donne africane gettate a mare durante le tratte degli schiavi. Nell'Oceano sarebbero cresciuti come guerrieri anfibi in metropoli acquatiche lottando… ulteriori informazioni

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  • new favorite
  • new picture uploaded, vote up!
  • Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller series are good to go with
  • Where do I start with Drexciya? I loved Dopplereffekt and Der Zyklus to death back in the days
  • Brilliant comment Tholral, i agree with you tottaly :)
  • I'm becoming increasingly fanatical about this group and the mystery that surrounds them. I don't think anyone will ever surpass their music. The west has completely neglected the African music tradition but these guys merged the old beats with new instrumentation to create something completely new. Technoanimism is the closest word I can find to describe their sound. Machines, but not soulless. Sometimes I wonder if the meat that builds the factories has less life in it than the things it manufactures. Your iDevice is beyond good or evil and does only what it was meant to do, it is blameless. We possess the capacity to create beauty and do nothing with it, preferring instead to snuff out life-potential and pursue vulgar self-indulgence. The fact that we can do good, but do not is ultimately what makes humans so vile. Drexciya breathed life into their obedient machines and created beautiful forms, as any wise creator does.
  • James Stinson was genius, his music will live forever
  • so ahead of their time
  • dayum

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