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Dream Theater

Panic Attack (7:03)

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  • Love this band. Before them all I played was punk. Now I can't listen to anything that doesn't have some progressive elements.
  • My favourite Dream Theater song, and also the first I heard.
  • The song that introduced me to Dream Theater! [2] Mark Portnoys drumming on this is unbelievably good
  • JOHN MYUNG \,,/ (><) \,,/[2]
  • DUDE.
  • JOHN MYUNG \,,/ (><) \,,/
  • \m/
  • love this song all round even the odd 1min echo XD
  • why do i feel so dumb ?
  • The song that introduced me to Dream Theater!
  • epic track
  • These lyrics mean so much to me :'(
  • wow, this version is FAST!
  • Absolytely great song! В мемориз
  • The progressive elements are there, but the entire album was written to be more accessible.
  • who gives a fuck if its prog or not ????!!!
  • Prog or not, it's awesome!
  • love this song!
  • the whole band is awesome
  • I like james vocals
  • Epic song <3
  • "This being in Rock Band 2 has definetly brought the wrong type of crowd to the DT fanbase." I honestly could fucking care less. Doesn't affect what I think of the band or their fans, and I love Rock Band. I'm glad they put bands like DT on that game.
  • This song totally ROCKS!!!!!!
  • As a person who suffers from very bad panic attacks, this song is really special to me.
  • and mike i wish u the best of luck
  • good bye mike hope u find what u r looking for u will be missed
  • when did this become a friggin video game forum?
  • So Proggy, But I love it! More I listen to Dream Theater, The more I get into them. Rock on Guys! I hope I can so guys one day!
  • I wouldn't go so far as to say that James is a "phenomenal" singer, but his voice doesn't bother me nearly as much as it apparently does to some people. I just consider him part of the band.
  • This song is orgasm to ears!
  • This song sucks me in :Р
  • Good song good vocals
  • Stop bitching about the vocals... James is a phenomenal singer.
  • Aren't these guys a hairy bunch? Yes, very hairy.
  • @Froggyman75 No it is up there in difficulty but it is not the hardest song on Rock Band 2. It is so much easier than Visions. Yet Visions looks like an easier song because of vocals.
  • As often ... good music ... shitty vocals
  • One of the best songs they've ever made.
  • Why do commercial games have to include songs like this? They should include songs with better musicianship. Something like Take The Time or Voices. Probably because of the relatively easier singing in Panic Attack?
  • This is the first song of Dream Theater I have ever heard, it was on Rock Band 2. If I had never have heard this song I don't know where I would be today, but I do have to say that it has been the best experience of my freakin life.
  • I'd have to agree with @highistheway i love this track but only wish the guy would just STOP SINGING. I couldnt find another track i like from DT. same tone as Muse by the end of track yeah
  • Anyway, my first argument was lame. I don't think DT ever sound anything like Muse as a whole regardless of that. The songwriting is just too different, although I like both bands.
  • You're right, I got the dates mixed up.
  • @MachineOfaDream: Actually Muse had released 3 albums before Octavarium was released. I, like others, can see the Muse similarities in this song and on 2 or so others. I think I even read somewhere that the band themselves admitted that they really liked their music and they influenced some of their songs.
  • Dream Theater is love.
  • The musicianship on this one is just mind-blowing.
  • Today Muse is gay DT FTW!


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