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  • song good.......
  • i feel like tupac is just about to bust out.
  • grew on me
  • niiice :)
  • esse video me deixa de pau duro!
  • The video with the girl dancing to this.... Holey Moley.
  • one of the most interesting/oddball pieces on take care- works so perfectly as the penultimate track on the album- a little bit of negative space between the ectastic energy of HYFR and the beautiful let-down coda of the ride...
  • The video of his girl dancing to this....Oh my goodness, oh my dayum!
  • really? back dat ass up. terrible
  • I find it incredibly sexy. [5]
  • I can tell that money gots you working
  • back that azz up is classic, but this shit is kinda listenable too
  • Single, please
  • hoes frown when ya pass yeah
  • Juvenile tribute, good shit.
  • hahaha- this song is so weird- meta music, bruh- BACK DAT ASS UP- I dig.
  • checkout this new rapper KD from long beach he's the hottest emcee to come from the city since SNOOP DOGG support and download his new mixtape here
  • <3
  • I find it incredibly sexy. [4]
  • all my girls from the 504 need to drop it right now
  • Let me put somethin’ in your life.
  • back dat ass up
  • Louisiana all day yaa
  • <33333333333333
  • NOLA girl right her backin' it up
  • this song make me "back that ass up" i love it
  • i love that he sampled back that ass up
  • so sexy ;)
  • I taste pain and regret in your sweat you've been waiting for me oh ho I can tell that you been practicing <3
  • lmfao only drake woulda made back that ass up into a rnb song. Old cash money shit
  • HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! it's like a youtube cover.
  • Girl you look so good, won't you back that ass up.
  • I find it incredibly sexy. [3]
  • amazing]
  • This track is fire.. Back that ass up!
  • back that ass up
  • I find it incredibly sexy. [2]
  • The guy with the Captain Planet avatar is calling people children. LOL!
  • beatnik24 - since when does "genius" represent power and strength? lol you don't even know the definition of that word and you're asking if children know it?...
  • I find it incredibly sexy.
  • The song is cool to me- but do you children even know what the definition of the world "Genius" is? That and "epic" are the most overused words on the internet today. Please don't misuse words that are meant to associate power and strength to art and/or an artist.
  • favorite on the album
  • This sample is just AMaZING. I mean...who would even think to do this? Drake is a genius!
  • fucking genius [3]
  • soooooooooo sexy
  • fucking genius [2]
  • fucking genius
  • for sure the best on the album for me so far
  • girl you look good won't you back that ass upp


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