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As the smoke has cleared
The dust lays heavy in the air
I wake up covered in blood and sweat
Can't reminisce what really happened

Testo di Dragonland - Graveheart


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  • Great song
  • I was being facetious
  • yes.!!!!
  • Why is it that every time a band actually has GOOD lyrics, it gets bashed for having bad lyrics? READ the lyrics in this song, guys. They actually tell a story, rather than like, say, Dragonforce, just be a bunch of metaphors, figures of speech and analogies all mashed together. (Not to say that I dislike Dragonforce, but I'm just making a point) It's pretty obvious that he's some sort of half-breed who looks human. Or something like that. I mean, they do it all the time. A human who is ACTUALLY a dragon, somehow. I mean, that basic concept is stupid, but hey, it's better than you ignorant morons who think he is physically an enormous dragon.
  • I mean that in a bad way
  • LOL. these guys coulda been comedians in another life
  • How can someone not notice that he's a dragon? "You get those giant teeth and wings from you mother's side of the family..." lmfao
  • ++++++++++++
  • Fucking hilarious lyrics though
  • Fuck you dragonland rocks. NERDS OF METAL UNITE!!!!

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